Meta (or Facebook) is by far the largest social media platform on the planet. Advertising on it is crucial for any e-commerce business.

Stop overpaying for agencies. Meet the first AI-agency to take your results to the next level.

What Makes Us Different

We are affordable for start-ups and established businesses, no need to hire expensive agencies. When you sign up with us you have dedicated service with out the cost.





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Building and scaling e-com businesses

since 2014

Pear Digital has been growing and scaling e-com businesses for a decade. From designing and budling websites to creating powerful profit driven advertising campaigns.

Now with A.I advancing we have found a solution that allows e-commerce start-ups and established brands to unlock the power of Meta ads without breaking the bank.

Growth without Stress

Our solution is designed to not just be affordable for new e-com start-up's but its designed to be efficient, profitable and scalable. WITHOUT HIRING AN EXPENSIVE MARKETING AGENCY.

It's time to put money back into YOUR pocket.


AI DRIVEN AD MODELLING from £99 per month

Our solution has helped dozens of e-commerce founders scale their businesses while remaining profitable. Rather than paying an agency £3000 or more per month, that money could be put back into your business. How does that sound?

AI-driven ad modelling means your ads will constantly be monitored, optimized and improved 24/7.

Grow & Scale Your Asset

Scaling ad campaigns is tricky at the best of times. Meta uses statistical modelling to predict what works well and what doesn't. The problem with this is that often decisions are made with only half the picture in view.

Our AI model looks at all data points and then makes decisions which are geared towards profit and efficient scaling.

An average 30% increase in ROAS

Founders who sign up see an increase of 30% on average within the first 30-60 days of signing up to our platform.

Typically an agency will promise around 90 days BEFORE you see a positive return (most of this time is referred to as "testing"), by then you would have spent an average of £9000 in agency fees alone. How does that make you feel?

Client Results

Sign up and start running ads within 15 minuets.

  • We are committed to driving profitable and sustainable results

  • You will see a noticeable change within the first 30-60 days

  • No more expensive, extortionate agency fees.

  • No more lengthy testing periods

We help your Business To profit and scale.

Imagine saving an average of £6000 per month which you can invest into your business.


What is the total cost of your service?

You pay £99 per month and at the end of a 30- day period we will charge an additional 10% of your ad spend. So for example if you spend £1000 over a 30 day period we will bill you £99+£100. Way more affordable than an agency. All prices include VAT.

How often will you send reports?

We usually send reports monthly. If you prefer we can send them weekly or bi-weekly at no additional charge. Reports will be a in PDF format with our notes on them and will be emailed to you or added in to your dedicated Slack channel.

Are there any contracts?

No. Cancel anytime. Just send us an email and within 48 hours everything will be cancelled. If there's any amount owing then that will be payable before we cancel.

Do you create any creatives?

Unfortunately this is not included in the service. There is a separate charge for any creative work we carry out. Talk to us to find out more.

What happens if my Facebook ad account gets disabled?

This unfortunately happens from time to time and it's out of our control. Usually it's a short appeal and everything is up and running, but sometimes as the account owner you will need to message or talk to Meta Support. We will guide you on how to do this but will not speak to Meta on your behalf.

Who is this for?

If you own a brand spanking new e-com business or generating less than £15,000per month in revenue or your ad spend is less than £10,000 per month then this is for you.

If you are an established e-com business spending more than £10k per month in ad spend this will work well for you to. Talk to us if your ad budget is more than £10,000 per month for customised pricing options.

How do I communicate with you?

Once you have signed up you will have a dedicated slack channel where you will be able to message our team directly . We aim to respond immediately or within one hour of your message This is where you can let the team know of any promotions and offers you plan to run and provide additional information and ask questions.

What do you need from me?

When you sign up we will need access to your Meta Business manager. We will walk you through on providing this during our onboarding call. In addition to that we will create a Google drive folder and share it with you. This folder will be where you add all your creatives such images, videos etc.

What platforms does your solution work on?

Right now we only offer this solution for Meta and Instagram ads. We are working on bringing Google and TikTok in the coming months. It takes time to get everything working the way it should.

Hear From Our Clients


London Beard Company

Pear Digital Marketing are a brilliant team. From the first moment of contact they offered great advice and set out a plan of action. Great communication and they provide a fantastic service with visible results. Only regret is not using Pear Digital for our online marketing needs earlier!



Pear and more importantly Taz who manages all the communication between our company and Pear have been fantastic for us in the few months they have worked for us. Really helped us turn around a struggling Shopify store after the initial lockdown rush here in the UK. We look forward to working with them many months to come!


Bully Billows

Without going into too extravagant detail, I have ALWAYS been weary who I work with — Pear Digital has exceeded our expectations with their work; our social media ads have now increased dramatically with a great ROAS.

If you are thinking about working with these guys, don’t think and do it. You can thank me later!

We Can Help You!

If your tiered of expensive agencies taking your money and not delivering results then get in touch. You won't regret it.

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